Participant’s chest number

A chest number of every participant is unique and correspond to the distance you compete in.

You are forbidden to give your chest number to another person, exchange your numbers with other participants. Changing the distance after registration and getting your number and during the race is also forbidden. Otherwise you will be disqualified.

On the other side of chest numbers for marathon and relay competitors there is your name, surname, age and distance you compete in. Check the data, please. If you find a mistake, tell the judges about it.

The judges will not accept result of the participants with chest numbers that do not answer our requirements.

You should pin the number in your chest. Your number must be clearly visible for the judges, course judges, photographers and camera men especially at checkpoints and finish. Don’t take off the number during the race and don’t fold it.


Race Day

In the race day we do not accept applications and do not give chest numbers.

Streets, embankments and bridges of the city that the course passes along are blocked for cars and public transport on 21, September at 8 a.m. Please, come to the start beforehand!


Traffic circulation starts again:

  • on 60-Let  Pobedy Bridge – at 10:15 a.m;
  • in Lenin Str., 25 Let Oktyabrya Str., Shaumyana Str. and on Irtysh embankment – at 11: 45 a.m;
  • in Khimikov Str.,  Magistralnaya Str., Mamin-Sibiryak Str., Nephtezavodskaya Str. and in Mira Avenue – at 2 p. m;
  • in Krasnyi  Put’ and Internatsionalnaya Str. – at 2:30 p.m.


During the race you can leave your bags in special tents that are situated between the building of Omsk region government and "Dinamo" stadium. We ask you to put your things in one bag or packet with your participant’s number written on it.

Please, keep the starting place clean.



Attention! On XXVIII Siberian international marathon participants start the race according to the following schedule:


9:00 p.m.

10 km

9:00 p.m.

3 km

9:00 p.m.


We ask you to pay your attention to the places where competitors should wait for the start.


Participants of the official competitions on 42 km 195 m distance (marathon, the first lap of relay) should wait in Ivan Alexeev Str. People competing in 5 km race wait in Lenin Str. near the Cathedral of Assumption.

Come to the waiting place beforehand; do not do it in the last minute!

Only participants with chest numbers should stay in the start.

Participants of all races start running when starting gun shoots.

Attention! Race will not start until all participants are behind the mark.


42 km 195 m

On the course of 42 km 195 m there are kilometer signs.

For relay participants changeovers are marked with red lines on the road.

On the turns, food stations, refreshment and medical stations there are signs and fixed stops.

We are asking you to follow the race rules: do not cross restricting lines, do not run on the lines of opposing traffic and do not cut the turns. If you break one of the rules judges that are along the course has right to disqualify you. If you start walking, please, do it on the road side.


Food stations are located at:

  • 6 km mark – Lenin Str. (Omsk Drama Theatre)
  • 10 km mark – Irtysh embankment (Оmsk Hotel)
  • 15 km mark – Irtysh embankment (Оmsk Hotel)
  • 20 km mark– Krasnyi Put’ Str. (Pushkin Library)
  • 22 km mark – crossroads of Krasnyi Put Str. and 7 Severnaya Str.
  • 25 km mark – Mira Avenue (Omsk television centre)
  • 27 km mark – Khimikov Str. (Ermolaeva Theatre)
  • 30 km mark – Mamin-Sibiryak Str. (Omsk State University)
  • 33 km mark – Khimikiv Str. (Ermolaeva Theatre)
  • 35 km mark – Mira Avenue (Maluntsev Recreation centre)
  • 37 km mark – Mira Avenue (Omsk television centre)
  • 40 km mark – crossroads of Krasniy Put, Str. and 7 Severnaya Str.
  • Finish – Cathedral Square

At all food stations participants are given still Pure water Time of Sport in 0,6- liter bottles with special drinking corks.

Please, do not throw empty bottles on the road.

At 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, 37 km, 40 km marks and at the finish participants are offered bananas and oranges.


On the sides of the road near food stations there are toilets.


Refreshment stations are located at 10 km, 15 km, 21 km and 41 km marks. There are water spraying systems at the sides of the course.


Medical stations are located near the food stations. Also along the course there are movable medical stations (ambulance cars), that are distributed on the course according to weather conditions and participants movement. If you do not feel well and need medical help come to the course judges who are connected with ambulance cars by radio network. Doctors will know about your condition on time and come to help you.


At the finish there is a massage station for participants of official races.


After the race you can have a shower in shower cabins that are located in Ivan Alexeev Str. 150 meters away from the finish.


Time screens are installed on the cars accompanying leaders of the marathon and relay and also at the finish.



All the runners finish at the start, on the Cathedral Square.

For participants of all races there is one finish gate.

After you cross the finish line keep on moving to the end of the finish corridor.

Please, do not stay near the finish corridor and prevent other runners to complete the race. Meet with your family and friends after the marathon near the Cathedral of Assumption.

Remember about people completing the race after you and allow the judges do their work.

Crossing the finish line please do not forget to greet spectators and supporters and smile to photographers and cameramen. Do not cover your chest number because it can be difficult for the judges to see it.


Results of official competitions runners

The MYLAPS sports timing electronic system is used to register results of participants taking part in official competition of 42 km 195 m.


The black chips are given to race  participants (and also for Siberian international Marathon runners) for one-time use only at the event. The chips belong to the organizers and are not for sale. You should give back the chip right after finish in the special zone of chips return. For use of the black chips participants of marathon and relay leave 300 rubles as a deposit. After participants return the black chip to the organizers they are given back the pledge and get commemorative medals and certificates with personal results.


If due to some reasons  a  participant was not able to return the chip right after finish it needs to be done in the office of non-profit partnership "Marathon" (1 Pevtsova Str.) during working hours before 8, August.


Dear participants! The black chip is programmed to be used only at one concrete competition; it cannot be used at another event and in household! Do not take the chip with you; return it to the organizers within the given period!

To use personal electronic chip is obligatory. No chip – no result!



After completing the race in the finish corridor participants get following prizes:

  • 42 km 195 m (marathon) – a commemorative medal; a certificate with personal result (after they return the black chip);
  • 10 km (highway race) – a certificate with personal result (after they return the black chip);


Help during the race

Siberian international marathon management hopes that you will be able to feel attention and support of Omsk citizens who will greet you during the race.

Besides on the course there will be live bands and dancing groups that will raise your mood. Professional DJs are going to support your run in the places with largest amount of spectators.


After the race

Awarding Ceremony of the winners and prize winners of the marathon will be held in the marathon day on the Cathedral Square on 21, September.

Participants of all races are invited for the Ceremony.


From 7 a.m. on 22, September participants will be able to know preliminary final protocols of 42 km 195 m and relay races. The protocols will be in the office of Siberian International Marathon management (1 Pevtsova Str.) and on our web-site


More information for participants

Public TV and Radio Broadcaster Omsk arranges live transmission of the marathon on 21, September from 16:45 p.m. till 19:45 p.m. on 12 Channel and OTV channel. If members of your family stay at home and are not able support you on the course they will watch you on these television channels.

Live commentaries from the marathon course will be given by Europe Plus Omsk FM radio station.


In conclusion we would like all the participants of XXII Siberian international marathon to accept our best wishes. The Organizing Committee and Marathon Management do their best  to make the race  a holiday and memorable event.

We hope that the race day will bring you joy, feeling of victory upon yourselves, unity with other fans of running and achievement of success!


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