The conditions of registration

  1. Every participant runs complete distance personally and is responsible for the risk connected with taking part in the competitions by him- or herself.
  2. Participant’s number must be pinned in a participant's chest and be clearly visible. During the race you are forbidden to take off, fold, and cover the number or the sponsor’s logo on it.
  3. Participants must run only on the distance course marked with restricting lines.
  4. Participants must comply with the requirements of the Organizing Committee of the competitions, judges, course supervisors, health professionals. If a participant does not do it he or she will be withdrawn from the race.
  5. A participant confirms that he or she has checked state of health regularly, is able-bodied to take part in the competitions and has not any contraindications.
  6. To take part in the official competitions a participant must show a health certificate (doctor’s permit) in due form (with the seal of the medical institution issued the certificate; doctor’s personal signature and seal; wording “Admitted to take part in the race competition on ____ km distance”).  The certificate must be issued within 30 days before the competition date. In case of the certificate absence a participant is not allowed to take part in the competition.
  7. Organizers and sponsors of the competitions are not responsible for any physical traumas, injuries and other losses incurred by a participant before, during or after the competitions.
  8. Participants of the competitions consent to allow organizers to use their names, portraits, photos, and other audios, videos and photos for advertising and other purposes without claiming any compensation.
  9. The fee contributed by a participant voluntarily is a personal fee for organizing, support and development of long distance competitions for mass participation. If a participant is not able to take part in the competitions, complete the distance or does not keep within the set time limit, the fee is not given back.
  10. If a participant wins a prize (money prize or another one) in the competition he or she takes responsibility to pay all the required taxes and deliver the prize to the permanent residence.
  11. A participant takes note that the competitions can be cancelled due to a reason uncontrolled by the organizers and the fee will not be given back.
  12. A participant is responsible for giving complete and reliable data.  If some data (surname, place of residence, telephone numbers) are changed a participant must inform the Management of the competitions about it.
  13. The Management of the competitions guarantees privacy of the given data and non-disclosure of this information to third persons.
  14. A participant does not object to receive short messages (SMS) or e-mails with information about race events from the Management.


A participant confirms that he or she has studied, understood and agreed to all above-mentioned rules; breach of the rules can lead to disqualification of a participant.