SIM organizers shared their experiences of holding the race at the international symposium

25 November 2012
SIM organizers shared their experiences of holding the race at the international symposium

The delegation of the Omsk region, led by the Acting Minister of Youth, Sport and Physical Education of the Omsk region, Konstantin Podbelskiy participated in the Symposium of the Association of International Marathons and runs. High-status event, which brought together directors of the largest marathons in the world, was held in Athens from 9 to 12 of November.


November 9, celebrations, associated with the 30-year anniversary of AIMS and the Athens Classic Marathon, were held. 


November 10 there was meeting of the Symposium were AIMS. The main topic of discussion was the "Quality Control Organization races."


Within the framework of the Symposium International Relations Manager of the Siberian International Marathon Inna Chernoblavskaya delivered the report on the topic: "The e

xperience of holding the long-distance races in extreme weather conditions."


It is fair to say that earlier, SIM organizers appealed to the leadership of AIMS with initiative to adopt rules governing the conduct of races under certain temperature conditions. Currently, there are not such rules. Meanwhile, the experience of holding the Christmas semimarathon in Omsk at-40C and the Siberian International Marathon at +37 C says about necessity of such rules.


Inna Chernoblavskaya stressed in the necessity to be flexible for organizers, providing service in extreme weather conditions, to focus primarily on the participant and his needs.

"I am pleased to note that the attention to the Siberian Marathon and Christmas semimarathon has grown up. We are seen as professionals, equal members of the international racing community. AIMS leadership appreciates our initiatives, "- commented the results of symposium Inna Chernoblavskaya.


Particularly pleasing was the response of director of the Berlin marathon MarkaMilde, who noted the originality and excellence of Omsk presentation.


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