25 Siberian International Marathon Memo

19 September 2014
25 Siberian International Marathon Memo

Welcome to the jubilee 25 Siberian International Marathon! We are congratulating you for the day you have prepared and wait for so long. In this memo you can find instructions and some helpful advices. It will help you to orient with the variety of information, to plan and conduct your day and to enjoy the atmosphere of this sporting event. Have an easy start, a successful finish and festive mood!




Cathedral Square

FINISHSIM–Cathedral Square

Marathons’ PACEMAKERS(42,195 км)

Choose the optimal speed for your self and follow the pacemake rwith the balloon. He sets the pace and leads to a certain result, which is indicated on his back.

The expected result

The color of the balloon












Before the start

Before you go to the start place it is very important to make sure that you got all the race essentials with you. Review the race scheme. The minimum set of the essential sare running shoes, running shorts, running socks, a T-shirt with strongly attached on a safety pinsand clearly visiblebib-number with an electronic chip and a special bag with duplicate of your bib-number for the cloakroom.

Give yourself plenty of time to get to the race start and go to the start place (the Cathedral Square) earlier. Use any kinds of public transport to the Kinoteatr Mayakovskiy busstop.

If you decide to drive a car the replease think about the time you spent for getting there and finding the parking space before hand.

Don’t forget that some roads will be blocked for cars and public transport on the race day.

Please arrive to the start beforehand!

For changingand leaving your personal things there will be a special tents for all the participants. You put your belonging sin a bag the nglue the duplicate of your bib-number on it. This bag you can leave in the cloakroom. Now you are free to do the warm-up.

The last 15 minutes before the start: you left your things to the cloak room and ready to the start; you attached your bib-number, it’s clearly visible and now you can go to the meeting spot. Thosewhorun 42, 195 km are meeting in theBankovskiy Pereulok; 5 km meeting on the Lenina St. at the crossing of the Tarskaya St.

Location of the changing rooms and the cloakrooms see in the scheme.


- The bib-number of each participantis unique and matches the distance you chose.

- It is FORBIDDEN to exchange you bib-number with others and give it to someone else; to change your distance after you’ve been registered and during the race otherwise you will be disqualified.

- Thejuries do not accept the results of the participants with numbers of unknown model.You should pin the number on your chest. Your bib-number must be clearly visible for the judges, course judges, photographers and camera man especially at checkpoints and finish. Do not take it off during the race, do not bend it.

Electronic chip

All the participants (42,195 km, 10 km and 5 km) will have the electronic chip that is emplaced into the bib-number.

Toregistertheresultswe are using the MyLAPSsports timing electronic system. The chip is activated while being in the magnetic field of the system.Only getting into the zone of the antenna - black tartan rug, located at the start, finish and check points - the chip transmits a signal with its individual number. This is how the participants’ personal time is fixed.

The CHIP is given to the participants of the competitions for single use only. You do not have to take the CHIP back after the finish line.


Refreshment stations are located at 5 km,10 km, 15 km, 20 km, 22 km, 25 km, 27 km, 30 km, 33 km,  35 km, 37 km, 40 km marks and on the finish line.


At all food stations participants are given still water "Noringa" in 0,3 liter plastic bottles with special drinking corks.

Please, do not throw empty bottles on the road. There are people running after you.

Atthe 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, 37 km and 40 km marks and on the finish line participants are offered bananas and oranges.


Lavatories are located on the side of the road near the refreshment places.

Medical stations

Medical stations are located near the refreshment stations. Also there are mobile medical stations (ambulance cars)along the course that are distributed on the course according to weather conditions and participants movement. If you do not feel well and need medical help come to the course judges who are connected with ambulance cars by radio network. Doctors will know about your condition in time and come to help you.

After the finish

The last few meters! It feels like you have no strength to continue… And here it is! The finish line!

No matter how hard are the last meters please don't forget to greet spectators and supporters and smile to photographers and cameraman. Do not cover your bib-number because it can be difficult for the judges to see it.

All the runners start and finish on the Cathedral Square.( 5 km, 10 km and 42 195 km)

After you cross finish line keep on moving to the end of the finish corridor.Please, do not stay near the finish corridor and prevent other runners to complete the race. Meet with your family and friends after the marathon near the Cathedral Assumption. Remember about people completing the race after you and allow the judges do their work..

After the finish the volunteers give you a bottle of still water “Noringa” 0.6 liters and guide you through the finish corridor; they can answer all the questions you will have and tell what to do next.

Leaving the finish are a don’t forget to take your medal (for 42.195 kmand 10 km runners).


Results of the official competitions

The results of the competition can be monitored in real time at the Cathedral Square on the electronic scoreboard or on the website of the Directorate of the Siberian International Marathon - www.runsim.ru. After the competitions the protocols will be published on the site www.runsim.ru and posted in the lobby of the in the office of the Siberian International Marathon management (1, Pevtsova St.) Final protocols are approved within 30 days after the competition. This is connected with the need to analyze the winners doping tests.

To get your personal diploma and put a photo in it you should simply find the event on the website www.Marathon-Photos.com and type your race number or surname. If you can't find your photos, but sure of it's existence you should add some details to the search (color of your T-shirt, its length, glasses, etc). If you subscribe your email address in advance, you be sended a direct link to your images once they are online.

Then from the variety of photos choose the best on eandputitin the diploma with the SIM 2014 style and your personal race result.

Good luck

The Siberian International Marathon Management sincerely wish you good luck on this competition.  Letthisdaybearealholidayforyou. Regardless of the result- you won a victory especially 

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