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August 6, 2011 will for a long time dwell in the memory of participants and supporters of the XXII NUTRILITE Siberian International Marathon. This year more than 15.000 race enthusiasts took part in it, so now the major event of Siberian region has all chances to receive a “bronze label” awarded by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). It is a great honor as this label symbolizes the acknowledgement of the SIM as a popular and significant worldwide event. In order to receive it, it was necessary to meet a number of requirements, most of which had already been met before. The rest of them were met this year: marathon winners took a drug testing (under the supervision of RUSADA, Russian antidoping agency) and highly rated professional sportsmen from at least 5 countries partook in the marathon.


Sportsmen from Kenya, Russia, Uganda, Ukraine and Ethiopia came to Omsk to run a marathon distance. For the first time in the SIM’s history Kipruto Sammy (Kenya) has acted as a pacemaker for the professional runners. The main contenders for victory were presented during a press conference that was held on August 5, the day before the big start. These were Keiyo Josphat (Kenya), his personal result being slightly more than 2 hours and 11 minutes, and Oleg Marusin (Russia, Ufa), XXI SIM winner. The main contenders among female professionals were Nina Podnebesnova (Russia, Omsk) and Jara Dehininet (Ethiopia).


On August 6 at 9 a.m. sharp the starter’s gun fired and thousands of people rushed into the distance to the bell chimes. Male runners right away formed a tight group of leaders headed by Kipruto Sammy, who was pacing the sportsmen for the result of 2 hours and 12 minutes. Shortly after the beginning of the marathon Andrey Bryzgalov, a silver winner of the XXI SIM, and Mykola Antonenko (Ukraine) retired from the distance. About 30 km into the race the leaders did not change: Oleg Marusin (Russia, Ufa), Keiyo Josphat (Kenya), Ngolepus Joseph (Kenya).


The hottest competition unrolled when the pacemaker retired from the race, so the runners were left with nothing but their professionalism to rely on. Starting from the 35th km of the marathon Josphat undertook a number of spurts; Marusin managed to respond to almost all of them. Only 1 km before the finish line did Ufa sportsman start to lag behind and the winner was practically clear. Keiyo Josphat’s time was 2 hours 14 minutes and 25 seconds. The SIM record – 2 h 13 m 02 s – that had been set by Eduard Tukhbatullin from Ufa in the distant 1993 remained unbroken. Marusin finished second with the result of 2 h 14 m 35 s, followed by Ngolepus Joseph with 2 h 25 m 51 s.


As to the female contenders, the most intense struggle for victory took place between Nina Podnebesnova (Russia, Omsk) and Jara Dehininet (Ethiopia). According to Nina, she was testing her opponent all through the race and, feeling that she [Nina] could win, hastened herself. The Ethiopian runner could not uphold the set pace and started to lag behind. As a result, Nina finished first with the time of 2 h 37 m 22 s. Fatigued Jara came third (2 h 39 m 20 s) and had let Olga Malevich (Belarus) finish second showing 2 h 37 m 45 s.


A 10 km race was won by Egor Nikolayev (29 m 46 s), followed by Vyacheslav Shabunin, a repeated Russian middle-distance record-holder, with the result of 30 m 03 s. Boris Zakharov, a pupil of Omsk track and field school, became a third-place finisher showing the time of 30 m 08 s. Among female winners are: Maria Kiselyova (35 m 03 s) from Novosibirsk, who finished completely alone; Elizaveta Badina from the Republic of Khakassia, a second-place finisher who lost Maria more than 5 minutes (40 m 08 s); and Tamara Shashkina (Omsk) who took the third place showing 43 m 55 s.


The traditional male winner of a relay race was OSHA team, followed by the sportsmen of Rabota dlya vas team. The third place was occupied by SibGUFK team. OSHA team became a female winner as well. RITM team was a second-place finishers. SDUSHOR team also entered the final three.


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